Creative Mindset Program

Get FREE of the work-strive-struggle life and AWAKEN your creative spirit

This is my VIP Coaching Program where I take techniques and strategies from creative thinking, energy work, release work, action planning and reflection and tailor them into a program for your needs.

This is powerful stuff and a unique combination in the Professional Coaching world.

Through the six month program, I use the essential secrets of how to discover and unlock your unique creativity (yes, you ARE creative!) and release the negative programming and false beliefs about your talents, money and success that is currently holding you back.

Do you want to know the good news? It may be tough to hear…

The secret lies within YOU.



In short, how you think and feel about yourself and your talents IMPACTS EVERYTHING in your life.

A CREATIVE MINDSET – which you will learn and master with my guidance – will get you UNSTUCK and EMPOWER your professional success and your life purpose.

And what’s great about that, is that you then have that for life.

These techniques and skills I teach can support you into the future!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get free of what’s holding you back, so you can FLOURISH and live your life purpose.

E M B R A C E  |  R E L E A S E  |  C R E A T E  |  F L O U R I S H

As a participant in the Creative Mindset Program, you can expect to notice the following benefits from the work we do together including:

  • increased self-confidence
  • motivation and excitement
  • clarity and focus
  • deep sense of purpose and passion
  • business growth
  • improved financial situation


The program features are:Curiosity Box inspiration cards

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The Program is specifically designed for people who are ready to make the next step in their life. People who want to let go of past drama, stories, and issues and instead embrace the big possibilities of their brighter future. I ask for a six month commitment because it takes time and effort to achieve results, but after a few months (and often WAY before) you WILL see improvement in your life.


About how the Creative Mindset Program works? And if it’s for you?

Here’s some thoughts…

What is a Creative Mindset?

A Creative Mindset is one free of any limiting beliefs around your creative nature, your talents, worth and life purpose. With a Creative Mindset you can be clear about your *special* brand of creativity and know how to bring it into the world. With Mastery, your mind is free to trust, believe, release, create and flourish day in and day out. Expressing your talents and creating *success* and positive experiences become a natural way of being in the world.

Why should I do this?

If you are experiencing a lack of clarity about your future direction, problems with money, a time scarcity or need a boost in motivation, then this Program is tailored for you. If you know you have more to give and are not yet living to your full potential. Or you want to be at the top of your profession, but are not yet there and need support to get there… This program will teach you the mastery of a Creative Mindset that will allow you to move past your blocks and express your talents and create the life you desire.

What qualifications do you have?

I am a certified professional Creatively Fit® coach and ‘Tapping into Wealth’® coach (because money is SO darn common a source of *stuff*). I have tertiary qualifications in adult education, training and assessment, fine arts and applied science. I understand professional life, small business and the journey of a solo-preneur.

Why is the Program for six months?

Because the returns that come are exponentially more impactful than a single session. I don’t do singles or a few sessions because they do not deliver the quantum shifts that I know are possible.

Commitment is truly a virtue and many people avoid making it – herein can lie the problem. Without a solid six months of coaching and release work, it is very easy for people to revert to their old ways or strike a hurdle and become stuck and frustrated. Without the accountability and support that the half-year program provides you are only playing at making change. It’s important we set you up to make profound positive changes in your life that are going to STICK.

Why do you take a limited number of VIP clients?

I take 10 VIP Clients at a time. That way I can give dedicated support and attention to you if you are on my Program. You need to understand that this work is incredibly important to me and is central to my purpose in the world – helping others discover and embrace their own special brand of creativity. I won’t compromise that just to go for more “moolah”.

What if I don’t live near you… Can you do this work remotely?

Yes, absolutely. I have clients all around the world – New York and London as well as up the road. Technology makes it very easy. If you have a computer or an tablet, we CAN connect and do this work very effectively.

Do you offer a free session?

Yes, you can do a Strategy Call with me at no cost and we can see if we would like to work together. Click on the ‘Let’s Talk’ button (bottom right of the website) and book a time that suits you.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can pay up front and receive a discount or pay monthly. You can select the payment option that suits your needs when you sign up.

Sign up now!

Or 6 easy monthly payments…

E M B R A C E  |  R E L E A S E  |  C R E A T E  |  F L O U R I S H

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