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Do you need a motivational speaker to peak your audiences curiosity about the world of visual and creative thinking? Do you need an engaging keynote that will poke your audiences into rethinking their world of work? How about an interactive two-hour creativity workshop to boost the energy of your event?

I deliver talks on visual and creative thinking to organisations and groups who are facing unprecedented change, the challenge of unknown futures and have a need to communicate their messages and engage with others effectively to see results.

I present keynote presentations including ‘Beyond words: the power of working visually’, ‘You are more creative than you think’ and ‘You might be good at –blank-… but you need to know how the brain works and how to draw to be a rockstar’. These talks focus on the impact of working visually on our thinking and ability to communicate and collaborate with others and our creative thinking potential, how to tap it and make it work for you.

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