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Discover why visual thinking is like ice-cream for your brain

Start here! A great foundation for understanding the field and basic techniques of visual thinking and graphics practice. In this course you’ll learn the power of working visually, how it works and how to start leveraging it for greater results. If you have a role that involves communicating business strategy and action, engaging collaborators, presenting ideas, working with groups or leading learning experiences, you’ll love Essentials of Visual Thinking & Graphics Practice. If the idea of DRAWING sends you a little panicky, don’t worry. No drawing skills are required. This course will give you the confidence to embark on your visual thinking journey.


Dive deep to expand and embed your visual thinking skills

In this course, you’ll take your visual thinking and graphics practice to a new level. You’ll learn advanced techniques such as rapid capture strategies, the use of visual metaphors and development of synthesis visuals. Activities will allow you to understand the applications these have for your business or work. With an emphasis to hands-on practice, you will integrate these new skills into your toolkit. If you are looking to push your visual thinking skills to a new level of competence and capability, this is the course for you. Do the Essentials of Visual Thinking & Graphics Practice PLUS this course for a two-day intensive!


Harness your iPad as a serious business thinking tool

So you have an iPad and haven’t considered what a power-house of support it could be to your visual thinking and your business? In this course, you’ll learn about the drawing apps that are available for iPads and what to use when, you’ll get templates and practical examples to embed your learnings and gain an understanding of how they apply to your business, studies or personal life. If you are interested in boosting your recall of your written notes or want to increase the impact of your communications and don’t know how you can do this on your iPad, this is the course for you.


Understanding how groups work and helping them be effective

So much of business today is conducted in meetings or forums that require group negotiations and consensus outcomes. Whether it’s a team, a committee or a whole          organisation, having a good foundation in how to work with groups and how to get results is an essential contemporary skill. In this course, you’ll learn about group dynamics, gain tips and techniques for meeting and forum design and a solid grounding in the key facilitation micro-skills – essential for good outcomes. The course covers the six core competencies of the International Association of Facilitators. You’ll also get tips and techniques to encourage participation and contribution and how to deal with difficult situations. If you are new to facilitating meetings and forums, this is a great place to start.


Step #1 Meet your artist within

Step #2 Painting made easy

Step #3 The Ultimate Creative Challenge, The Painting Marathon

The Creatively Fit program is for anyone who wants change. No art experience needed–in fact the less the better! Are you feeling uninspired, passive, lacking a sense of power and creativity, then the secret to getting unstuck and taking bold, new action in your life is to simply access your creative centres. The Creatively Fit Online Program provides you with an exciting system you can follow step-by-step to connect and switch on your creative centres… and create the change you want in your life.  You’ll learn quick ways to access your calming and centring creativity, manage your thoughts and moods, open yourself to new ideas and make clear decisions about your next steps. If you want guidance, I am a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and can support you in your journey through the program. Contact Michelle.