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Essentials of Visual Thinking eCourse

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Discover why visual thinking is
like ice-cream for your brain –
anytime, any place

Do you want to…

  • Expand your professional toolkit with visual thinking skills
  • Boost effectiveness of your meetings and forums
  • Add impact to your communications and presentations
  • Gain confidence in drawing and applying visuals and images in your work
  • Be seen as a creative thinker by your clients, bosses and peers
  • Have the flexibility of accessing this material anytime, from any place?


Most people think they need to be an artist or graphic designer to have these skills. But that’s not the case!


The BENEFITS of having VISUAL THINKING in your TOOLKIT are many. You can:

  • Record personal notes in memorable ways – useful in business and study
  • Capture discussions and meeting points in a way that supports new ideas, visioning and planning
  • Make ideas visible to yourself and others – powerful for seeing the big picture, exploring deeper concepts, making new connections and seeing old ideas in new contexts
  • Present material to others in engaging ways – images grab your audience’s attention and increase retention.

Your colleagues, clients and bosses will love your newly acquired skills when they see your ease in conveying ideas and the added impact it brings to your message.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started applying these new skills given the solid guidance and tools in my Essentials of Visual Thinking e-course. When you purchase membership to the e-course for AUD$326.70 and have access for the next twelve months.


Do not worry, I’m here to help you on your journey!

The internet makes it possible to access these great resources and tools any time and from any place. I provide lots of hints and tips on how to get the most from this course.

What better way to learn how to build your visual thinking skills than seeing the results of mine to get a look and feel of how it really works. Throughout the course, you will hone your visual thinking skills using strategies that the pros use.

You are in good hands…

Michelle Walker profile pic Mar14_white bgd_sm_speechEssentials of Visual Thinking e-course is designed by me, Michelle Walker, an experienced trainer and visual facilitator. The content has been honed after delivering this course as part of my public training programs and gaining feedback and wisdom about what participants are seeking.

I have qualifications in designing and delivering training and adult education courses, a degree in visual arts and design and am a Certified Professional Facilitator® (International Association of Facilitators). More importantly, I LOVE taking people on this learning journey.

I am well-respected and sought-after in my field. Click here to see my portfolio, clientsand testimonials.

Get ready to build your visual thinking skills

Essentials of Visual Thinking e-course guides you through the set-up and practical application of this new skill.

You will:

1. Understand the basic principles and language used in the field visual thinking

2. Understand your goals for this work

3. Know the materials that are needed

4. Learn the basic techniques

5. See how to build on the basic techniques and apply them in your work, studies or personal life

6. Gain truckloads of confidence to take your visual thinking skills into the world.

Watch the e-course “welcome” video to learn more about the contents.

Purchase membership to the e-course for AUD$326.70 and have access for the next twelve months. You can dip in and out of the material. Review and repeat modules when you need it. It’s available for you anytime, any place.


Delivery method:


You’ll learn how to build your visual thinking skills by listening, doing and reflecting on the material I present.The e-course is packaged into an online platform full of multimedia and resources.Each module is accessible for you to explore and progress at your own pace.Access for twelve months to return anytime, from anywhere.

BONUS! As a bonus, you are able to book a BONUS one-on-one coaching and training session with me to support your learning while doing the e-course. This enables you to seek answers to your questions, share your challenges and celebrate your successes.Your Handbook includes all the course activities and space to record the key points that are relevant to you from my narrated presentations and demonstration videos. Over 80 pages of material, worksheets, illustrations, examples and linked resources.



Course snapshot:

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Content details:

A self-paced e-course to support all the steps to gaining visual thinking skills.

Twelve modules packed with introductory and demonstration videos, rich content, step-by-step instructions, checklists, learning activities, worksheets, illustrations and examples.

Module 1 – Welcome:

  • Gain an overview of the whole course, get hot tips for getting the most out of the e-course and set your goals for the learning adventure!

Module 2 – Power of working visually:

  • Understand the science and research behind the power of working visually.

Module 3 – Lingo & concepts:

  • Learn the range of terms used in the field and the concepts that underpin the material in this e-course

Module 4 – Your creativity:

  • Explore your own creative style

Module 5 – Tools & materials:

  • Learn about the tools and materials available

Module 6 – Set-up:

  • Explore analog and digital options
  • Determine what set-up suits you

In Modules 7, 8 and 9, you learn the BASICS of mark-making, LETTERING and drawing ICONS. Understanding the APPLICATION of these basics are covered in Modules 10, 11 and 12.

Plus I have all these juicy BONUS modules and videos to add to your skills and resources kit!

By performing the learning activities, you will embed the skills into your practice. Linked resources are provided for you to explore and deepen your knowledge of this field.

This e-course will take approximately six hours to review all the material and one to two months of regular application to undertake the activities and explore the linked resources.

Return to it often for ongoing guidance and support.

Don’t delay! Get started now.


If you have any questions about the e-course, please email me at: