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Curiosity Box is a powerful tool
for equipping facilitators,
business innovators, coaches and team leaders with NEW WAYS
of initiating ideas.

What’s in the box?
40 unique hand-drawn cards plus a 20-page
User Guide packed with ‘how to’ information and practical examples.

Who uses them?
Anyone seeking ways of sparking new ideas. they
are particularly useful for those who work with groups. The cards will add
impact to meetings and workshops. They can also be used in coaching
sessions and individual reflection.

What benefits will I see?
In meetings and workshops, the cards
can help you: encourage engagement; inspire and motivate participants;
generate energy; and organise participants into groups. In coaching and
individual reflection, the cards can help you see issues in new ways,
generate ideas to deal with challenges and identify areas for action.

How do they work?
You can use them: in GROUPS — as part
of introductions, energiser activities, progress check-ins and feedback;
and for COACHING and INDIVIDUAL REFLECTION — random card to
stimulate ideas, goal setting activities and progress checks.

How are they different? The cards are UNIQUE images, hand-drawn
by the creator, Michelle Walker of Curious Minds Co. They are text-free,
so OPEN to interpretation by the user and ADAPTABLE to
different groups and a wide range of activities.

For customers within Australia, please
order and make payment here.

Sizes: A6, A5 or Combo set (A6 + A5)

For orders originating outside of Australia please order and make payment here.

Sizes: A6, A5 or Combo set (A6 + A5)