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I’m Michelle, a Creativity Coach + Visual Practitioner.

My mission is to get as many people reconnected to their natural creativity as possible.


Because I believe we have to do more AND we have to work differently – whether it’s in our
businesses, our governments or at home in our communities.

So my work is highly visual, creative and can facilitate break-through thinking.

I incorporate activities, images and words that will keep participantsIMG_3004
energised, engaged, their creative juices flowing and ideas bubbling
forth. In this way, I am able to help people make innovative connections and
find inspired solutions.

I use my knowledge of how the brain works and how groups work at their peak, so
thinking can be boosted, enabling people to access their most creative and innovative ideas.

Over the years, I have had the great joy of learning from international thought leaders in the craft of visual and creative thinking, including Christina Merkley of SHIFT-IT Coaching, Peter Durand of AlphaChimp Studio, Diane Durand of Discovery Doodles, Brandy Agerbeck of and Whitney Freya of Creatively Fit Studios. These talented mentors have  enabled me to bring  together the expertise and love of working with groups with my passion for boosting creative thinking and seeing real results.

I firmly believe in the innate artist that dwells within us all (if somewhat buried at times) and have had great success working with individuals and organisation to tap their own innovative thinking. 

I am passionate about working with people who want to make positive change happen –  in their workplace, their communities and around the world. I work with a range of specialist visual practitioners and graphic designers, who work in-house and as partners, to provide an expert team for every project.

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