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Get outstanding results for your business.

If you work in the world of people – customers, clients, patients, collaborators,
partners, employees, bosses, students, colleagues – then you know that sharing
your message with them is critical in so many facets of your day.

Whether it’s engaging with your clients about new services and products, winning that
proposal for a new consultancy or taking your business and your clients on a
journey to plan for the future… All of these, and many more, need you to be an
effective communicator and for your communications to have impact. That’s why
my clients seek out visual practitioners like me who know how and why working
visually is important. And can guide them through that process.

We might all work in the world of text and copy and word-based documents, but
that’s not how we take in information quickly, gain its meaning, sort, analyse
or retain it. We are all wired for visuals.

So let me share a wee secret with you…

I have worked in government, not-for-profit and small consultancies over the past
20+ years. And I changed the way I work – and have helped my clients change
their way of working – when I hit on ONE single fact:

If you add a good visual with your text information, and check with
everyone you shared that with a couple of days later, the amount
they retain will be, on average, six times greater.

Now in the world of diminishing organisational and government budgets and greater pressure
to deliver more, it just made sense to include this way of working as a
strategy for being effective.

Don’t worry, I won’t suggest you throw out your entire office and start again with
flipcharts and markers… I do believe, however, that gaining the skills to know
how and when working visually is the tool of choice you select from your
professional kit is important to consider. Your next job / contract / business
opportunity / outstanding customer / community project may just benefit.

You’ve got important messages to share – about your services,
your organisation, your project and your professional talents.
Whether you are sharing these in a meeting, a brochure or a
presentation. All of these will benefit from a visual
thinking approach and you will see greater results.

This way of working is not for everyone. I understand.

So, do this quick check. Is this you…

  •  Curious about how working visually can increase your effectiveness – in your current
    role / project / business focus?
  • Feeling a little bit (or a truckload) stuck in your career?
  • Things at work or in life are lack lustre and you’re itching for something new but
    stonkered to know what that is?
  • Want to explore visual and creative thinking as an addition to your professional repertoire
    but want to   learn from some-one with loads of ‘field’ experience?
  • Some-one that enjoys creative activities and would like a guide to build those abilities
    and learn their applications in your business life?
  • Some-one who understands the power of visuals and is looking to gain confidence in drawing
    and applying visuals in your work?

If you are a yes to any of these, then…


  • Expanding your professional toolkit with visual and creative thinking skills
  • Gaining confidence in apply visuals in your work
  • Boosting the effectiveness of the next meeting you run
  • Adding impact to your presentations and communications
  • Knowing your work and contributions stand out from the crowd
  • Being seen by others as a creative and innovative thinker.

You can learn the basic techniques of visual thinking and how you can directly apply these to your
work or business so you can boost the effectiveness and impact of all your communications and planning.

You can build on the basics and expand your toolkit with more advanced techniques.

Join me to explore the paths I have guided many other clients down and let’s determine which ones
suit you, your business, your clients and your personal style.

I run an organisation that works with people who want to improve their communications, strategy and
planning skills. The underlying belief driving this organisation is how powerful visual and creative thinking
skills are for your personal and business freedom.

So I teach you actionable skills and break them down into easy-to-follow activities and ready-to-adopt
templates so you and your team can learn from and use them again and again. My commitment to you is
to encourage, provoke, inspire, delight and poke your curiosity and creativity into fully blossomed, full-colour life.